About Us - Team

CSQS is a young and resourceful team working in IT, in particular by providing consultant services in Computer System Validation (CSV), Data Integrity and IT Compliance/QA. Every day we provide support to the validation of computer systems and IT infrastructure.

Whether it's providing advice, building a solid network or managing a fully outsourced computer system, first of all, we want to build lasting relationships and provide innovative solutions in a constantly changing market, constantly facing and overcoming new challenges and enabling customers to focus on their core business.

CSQS observes the world together with you and helps you to see the incoming change.

reliable team, innovative and curious, but with personal and unique professional experience and at the same time complementary. Different but similar: this is the simple and clear definition of a team like ours.

A diverse group, but united in the pursuit of quality and a real partnership with our clients.

Each one of you has its own core business: ours is you!